20 December 2010


.... and forgiven. Me and my boys are onto the next project. And... I am desperately trying to remember to accept that ebb and flow of everyday life. I mean, this morning, just turned three year old, Lil, was in our bed, having crawled in at 2 am, and she woke me by kicking me in the face and thrashing - clearly in the throes of a tantrum - and one that she wasn't sure she even wanted or needed. Hubby calmed her while I went to wake teen Olivia, early (she and pals are planning a birthday surprise for a friend and need an early ride to school), told her I would be bringing clean uniforms and breakfast up in 5 min. and she informed me that I should hurry because we had to leave in 15 min. Could we all please get moving. Excuse me?

So ... my boys awoke... and, obviously, did not dwell on our scuffles yesterday (like I did ;-). We are onto play with plastic horses and orange juice pops from the Zoku quick pop maker (and I love this puppy - have said so in previous posts - in fact, it may have been a gift last year at Christmas from friends... regardless, it is super cool. I like it because you can leave it in the refrigerator and when you want pops, just pour in juice, wait a couple min and enjoy. No waiting for hours while they freeze in the freezer -this thing does it instantly :-).

Anyway - dreamed of my Dad last night. A real puzzling dream. He was with my Mom and not paying much attention to me. This is on the heels of a discussion I had with hubby after a late night dinner at Paris 66 the other night, and a quick conversation in French with a couple employees there. I remarked that my French was now terrible, and, for some reason, I remembered helping my Mom buy a beautiful set of Limoges dishes in Limoges, France years ago. The saleswoman was shocked that she wanted the whole set, and she was curious about what these "rich" Americans were doing in Europe, living and working, etc. (and, btw, I used to edit what I said about my spoiled existence, but.., I don't anymore - my life is what it is what it is, ya know?). I talked to her for a long time - in French - with no problems, and... it was the first time I had done that - without stammering, searching for words, etc. I felt quite bilingual - pleased with myself :-). I love those dishes too - often request them on holidays. They are quite dramatic - purple and gold on the edges - real bone china - beautiful. I would love my kids to enjoy them on holidays for years to come - my grandchildren, etc. Hubby said I should tell my Mom that, and.... maybe I will.... but.... there is a lot going on there... a lot.... Anyway.... ebb and flow ..... rising above... ;-).

So .. funny photos: My boys and the juice pop maker! Wheee..... Hey - it's something to do inside on a cold, snowy day, right?

Off in a bit to proofread a final copy of the book I worked on AND to attend a holiday lunch. I haven't been invited to one of those in years! Kinda looking forward to it....:-). See... recovered! Entirely. Though.... I do think I should get to a'grindin' those coffee beans. What d'ya think? Offset the cranky that plagues me these days? ;-)


Emily said...

I'm sorry you have a brother like that. I do not get it. Families do put us to the test. I feel incredibly lucky that all of my dad's six kids from two marriages and our spouses/partners get along well. I saw what you wrote on FB - that you are trying to place your focus on YOUR family unit that you and Marcello have created. But it still stinks that there is a family member who can be so hurtful to you.

Sherri said...

Thanks for the nice words, Emily, and I actually used your family as an example of total togetherness recently - think I showed Marcello all your vacation photos from this summer. So cool.

Unfortunately, we have one on my side and one on Marcello's. His older sister is openly hostile - but.... as a result, we haven't seen her in over two years even though she lives 20 min from us. Her family even tried an intervention with a life coach with her last year, but... it didn't work. She's the one who once told me that she "didn't like me BEFORE she met me" - and that I would just have to "deal with that" - and has a loooong history (back to her teens) with behavior just like that towards others.

It shocks me to see how hurtful people can be. I mean, you see it when you're young and think that everyone will eventually grow up and stop such craziness, and... as adults, it, unfortunately, can get worse.

Oh well - note it all, move on, do what you can, enjoy all you can :-). Happy Christmas and New Year's to you :-)!

Facie said...

That makes me sad that your mom has a favorite. All the times that I feel a pang of regret for having only one, I will tell myself that I could have ended up having a favorite. But I don't think I am that kind of a person anyway.

Reading your tale about speaking French reminded me of when my family went to Quebec just before I started college. I was so proud of myself that I could speak to the salesperson in French, until she started talking to me, and I had no clue what she was saying!

C'est la vie!

AngryBaker said...

Dreams are so weird. I had one last week that I couldn't shake. I don't know what to say about your fam - you do a good job of trying to maintain a relationship on both sides. I'm always impressed with people who can do that, b/c I feel like I would just walk away. Perhaps you could plan a "Christmas Attack" a la Jack Donaghy (last 30ROck episode:).

Bill Applegate said...

And I thought my whole family thing was dysfunctional…bottom line…I have YET to meet a “normal” family. Holidays are tough…we all build up at least some small expectation and then, well at least for me, someone in my family…I hate to say ruins it so I will say “alters” it. Enjoy the moments and time with the family that you do get along with and your husband and kids. I know it’s tough, if it’s any conciliation at all…in households all over the world the same thing awkward conversations are taking place with strained family relations that we only see at the holidays. Smile and take comfort in knowing that at least in your house…your kids can’t wait to see you and spend time together. Sorry for getting all “touchy / feely” on you Sherri but make the most of the holidays with the family members that you enjoy spending time with….