14 December 2010

Do over!

As in the morning... the day... whatever. I am looking forward to some kind of take-out tonight (St. Bede fundraiser at Shadyside Boston Market, so....) - I am done with editing for the day and getting positive feedback - I have a happy 3 and 5 year old in the house today (albeit high maintenance - water in the tv room - peanut butter on the wall - broken toy in a heap in the corner....)- hubby and I have Christmas shopping plans this Sat. (and, as an aside, I saved about $70 at Pottery Barn Kids today by purchasing a sale item that is almost identical to the original "I want this" request - AND I saved over $50 at Mini Boden's sale the other day, buying a dandelion colored winter dress coat for Lil - though I did miss out on the super cool, nubby scarf, hat and mittens in teal that I thought would look great with it - sales sell out.... get moving!) - we have Christmas pageants this week .... A lot to look forward to.

Photo: My cupcakes on Thanksgiving morning this year.

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