17 December 2010

Another magical evening :-)

In some sort of Christmas miracle situation, everyone recovered from their respective illnesses for last night's performance. And, we had a near - perfect night (remember, perfection IS overrated ;-). Enzo performed SO well - walked in with the kings - delivered his line with all seriousness - "projected" his voice to the back of the church as "king #2" "brought the new king frankincense". We were seated perfectly. He stood right next to me while delivering some of his lines (and did not break character to even look at me ;-). Hubby was able to sit in front and tape the whole thing (a first for us because, last year, as you may remember, our files for both he and Milo's performances were corrupted and we had to dig for a copy of the show - and, with Olivia, years ago, I DID get her singing, but... I missed part of the performance, running out of tape of all things). Lilliana stayed quiet - Milo did not, BUT... was excited and animated and, even though he loud-talked a bit, everyone around him thought he was funny, so... that was a relief. Olivia sat with friends in to see the show from Shadyside Academy, Taylor Allderdice, Oakland, Central and Winchester Thurston (yes, the gang was all there). It was just great. The sweet kindergartners - the Christmas carols - all those faces I've known for years, some looking so much older, all in their holiday best - the first and second grade and their spirited performance of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - and all the songs that I remember even from when I was a kid. Of course, it's nice, every year, to see people we know and to catch up and talk, everyone happy - the night SUCH a St. Bede tradition (30 years now, I think they said). Can't help it - I love it.

So ... today is Milo's performance - today Olivia tries out for the school play (though she doesn't think she'll make it - even kinda doesn't want to because it might interfere with lacrosse season, but... wants the experience) - hubby and I may do some light shopping (I'm almost done - jealous anyone? ;-) - I think we'll do lunch after Milo's performance and Enzo's early dismissal (poor Olivia has to go to school into next week).

So... no magical downloaded photos yet, but I have some recent seasonal fun ones - baking, tree decorating....

Have a good day, all.

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