29 December 2010

Gussied up ... a party... and some skating....

So ... Lil and I got all gussied up in our jewels and lipstick and went grocery shopping tonight (we like to get the to do list out of the way then indulge in some coffee for me - chicken nuggets for her ;-). So ... with Olivia at her friend, Danielle's 15th birthday party (cannot believe these girls are THAT old) - and hubby taking his boys (mine too, but... his tonight ;-) ice skating downtown (still waiting on some photos, MF...).... Lil and I are left to our own devices. I think I have a tea party, a bubble bath and a girls' movie night on my agenda tonight (Lil picked out a winter watermelon for herself at the store - so we'll have that with the "tea" ;-). Love it! Love, too, that Olivia, on her way out, said to be sure to tell Enzo that she was using the cosmetic bag he got her at Santa's Treasure Shop for her sleepover tonight, and... well... isn't that sweet? Lil using the "prince-ness" bath gel he gave her too ... Milo also gushed over his gift Christmas morning (Enzo got me the best gift ever, which was... to the "not in the know Mommy here" - some sort of Transformer robot thing :-). See? They don't have to fight all the time (holiday cheer not entirely lost on my angels at all ;-).... because they DO look out for one another (whether they know it or not ;-). Feeling happy. Hope you are too.

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