04 December 2010

A dance, a breakfast, and a DJ

So... the photos say it all: Olivia (and Liam) at The Pittsburgh Field Club in Fox Chapel, preparing for dinner before the Shadyside Academy Snow Ball. Nice night - chilly - snow flurries - Christmas trees and twinkling lights at the club - perfect for a winter dance. The girls were all in their tasteful, formal best - hair and nails perfect - shoes and bouquets perfectly matched - and the boys look so grown up now in suits and ties - hardly recognize these kids - and some I've known since preschool - nice seeing them all again tonight. They will have a fantastic time.

Earlier today, hit Breakfast with Santa at Oakland Catholic (big alumni event). Santa, cookies, balloons, stories with Mrs. Claus - really fun.

And.... last night.... DID go to Girltalk and had a great time (I accidentally deleted a super cool photo from my phone so enjoy what I could scare up - craaaazy show - at the new AE amphitheater on the North Side :-).


AngryBaker said...

She looks great. You can hardly tell her neighbor hacked her dress:)

Sherri said...

OK - so guess what I did?!?!? I burned it while steaming the wrinkles off of it. Did not even touch the iron to it (should get a dress steamer, but... oh well) - and like melted it - tiny spot - fixed it - all good. Your handiwork served us well. It looked great :-).