16 September 2010

Street lunch!

Hubby and I have a new area of interest.... and yes, it does involve kids and / or food .... the latter, actually. We have become interested in the whole premise of quick but good food - have been watching Food Network's show on food trucks (and I would pontificate on that a bit more, but... I don't have the relevant details aside from some fantastic looking Vietnamese sandwiches and a bunch of burger guys called "Grill'em All" - Metallica anyone?) - saw a fab dessert truck on "Bobby's Flay's "Throwdown" a while back - have fond memories of eating chicken skewers, gyros, veggie burritos, warn toasted bagels piled with cream cheese and jelly on our way back from big nights out in college - and, of course, Marcello has memories of drinking Inca Cola and eating Peruvian bbq chicken at the many pollo rios in Lima and surrounding areas - I have happy memories of Croque Monsieurs, toasted nuts, Nutella crepes and sauerkraut brats on the streets of France, Luxembourg and Germany. Screw fast food. Sick of it (except for McDs fries, right?). There is such a thing as good street vendor food (loaded up hot dogs, anyone? - diggin' that Conflict Kitchen in East Liberty.... new realm for the quick lunch, dinner, bite to eat). Anyway.... hubby indulged today. Looks yummy. He and I like to message, text, email photos, etc. all day - his iPhone is, of course, super cool for that. Today - our back and forth is food, and.... the kids' school experience (foremost on our minds these past few weeks).

And speaking of hubby, here is his Crain's B to B mention on a "top ten" site he designed in 2010.


AngryBaker said...

Chicken satay w/ sticky rice and chili sauce off the streets of Bangkok. My favorite snack in 5th grade.

Sherri said...

Oh that does sound good. See ..... why don't we have more of that here? Let's open a food truck!