08 September 2010

Farewell to summer Milo - "hello" to the little guy who eats lunch at school now (sniff).

Yeah - so Milo started P4 today. Like I said before, another easy transition - though.... now, he's going to try to eat lunch at school three days a week. I won't pick him up on those days until 1:30! Weird. Milo is always with me - SUCH a spirited presence. Of course, last year, I wailed and sniffed about Enzo being gone all day while we went about our lonely errands without him and.... later in the year, I cried a bit about Olivia leaving her school of so many years to start high school, so.... I'll survive (and Lil will be happy to have me all to herself).

Of interest this morning was just WHAT I would put in Milo's lunch. It's not like he is totally void of any nutrition in his life, but... he is picky. I ended up packing a granola bar, an apple, vanilla milk, fruit snacks and graham crackers (with chips hidden in a secret compartment of the Cars lunchbox in case he won't eat all that - don't want him to be hungry for such a long day....). And... I realize - despite my recent worrying - NOT a whole lot of iron in that lunchbox, but... he is gobbling up his Flintstones vitamins with iron, and he is snacking on raisins or fitness bars .... the iron dropper in the Coke is no longer working, but we're valiantly attempting the dietary approach again.

So ... we snapped photos of Enzo and Milo together - I took some of his new "big boy" school gear for posterity - plus I wanted to post some of our chaos, but... memory card reading issues still plague me - plus I look like a slob in the photos with my baggy pj bottoms and now faded 15 year old Michael Stars t-shirt hanging off of me like a rag - blah (first day of kindergarten warrants me and hubby getting all dressed and loading everyone up to go - Last year, did the same - except, instead of me, Olivia went with Daddy to take Enzo. With Milo, best to keep the "first day" of preschool lowkey and like any other day..... keeps him calm). Anyway ... the photos today, then, are my summer Milo - LOVE those goggles ;-).

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TKW said...

My kids won't touch a sandwich, so I hear you on the "creative" lunch packing!