24 September 2010

Hey ....

... is it fall yet? Definitely doesn't feel like it - a bit hot. Shopped b-day gifts for Enzo's big day on Sunday (6 years old - CANNOT believe it) - he'll do a movie night at school tonight (first time for this so we'll see how it goes) - Olivia and friends will go to a football game (after visiting good old St. Bede today on their day off) - BIG Woodland Hills / Central rivalry - we will miss Penn Brewery's Oktoberfest (but you don't have to ... info here - they happen to be an old client of mine) - Lil has worked her Kate Mack tutu bathing suit all day (she thinks she's a ballerina) - Milo has kept pace, continuing to delight and amaze with his new sense of responsibility and gentle behavior (and yeah - I'm serious about that -that's the news from his teachers anyway :-) - hubby working on a tricky web site that needs to launch before the weekend so playing evening plans by ear.

Love the breeze today, though .... and the light. Beautiful, memory-invoking, warm, strong and full of shadows and passing clouds. This is how I like it :-).

Photos: My little ones have the mums and pumpkins ready - Is fall here or what? And... Go Central! Obviously, they are blue and white, judging from these spirited girls and their outfits :-) - all of them out the door 5 min ago (Wow - I love this iPhone - immediate photo satisfaction with no hassle :-).

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