30 September 2010

How do you feel about rainy days?

I like them. However, today is REALLY soggy - I am soaked from a morning of gymnastics and errands with my Milo. And I'm cold - like to the bone cold.

Have some vegetarian recipes here to warm us all up (Olivia always says I'm half "veg-head" - hubby says I am "barely a carnivore" - and... I take it all as compliments, having a long vegan past - now abandoned, of course - but will take veggie over meat anyday - still feel that animal rights activist fighting to get out - so does that make me a hypocrite or just sensitive? Hmmm.... food for thought ;-).

And... locals.... Spoon is now open in East Liberty (why do I think food when it is cold and rainy out?).

Photos: Me and Milo EXACTLY one week ago having coffee and treats at a sidewalk cafe while we drew pictures and filled out Enzo's birthday party invitations - breezy and warm. And.... Milo and Lil today at noon "morning out" pick up. Rainy, rainy, rainy (and cold).

Oh - and, hey - is anyone watching Top Chef Just Desserts? I am.

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