29 September 2010

Don't be fooled - I'm still "on a break".

Here's what I've got: The girls last night at Winchester Thurston's field after the JV field hockey game was cancelled because it got too dark (can't the alumni there afford to install some field lights?) - Lil, also last night, creating some sort of sidewalk art while Varsity played (and we waited - and waited - and waited for Olivia's team to take the field) - Enzo and his camping lantern, which he would sleep with if he could - Milo at lunch today in his preschool classroom - And... finally - my last conversation of substance: "Hey Milo - can we take some of these masterpieces down now?" No!" "Ok. Hey Lil - can you stop scribbling on the dining room wall?" "No!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pick up my high schooler who has a student council meeting - and.... my kindergartner who requested "after school" again today (this while I was helping with fingerpainting in his room). Takes me a while to get all the wee ones in the car (Milo fresh from P4 lunch and Lil fresh from "morning out" AND hangin' with Mommy).

I'm actually going to squeeze a workout in between dinner and carpool tonight (cuz that's how I roll - somehow got a roast chicken, mashed potatoes and fresh corn off the cob with butter and pepper to my family before Oakland open house last week - patting self on back now) - It appears I've discovered leftovers in my current state of back to school frugality (not to mention that whole "the happy return of the pumpkin spice latte" thing Starbucks is pushing), and... I mean it's like - "Oh the kids didn't eat this pizza - better eat a slice" - "Oh - the casserole from last night is still in fridge, better have some of that" - "Hmmm... need to buy the kids' favorite salad dressing, ice cream, snack du jour"...... And... obviously, none of this is going to look good on my ass.

Happy, happy, all - As my aunt always says (my Dad's feisty younger sister), "This is the time of your life, Sherri." And it is.

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