23 September 2010

"Stakeholder's Meeting" - a.k.a: another Open House

So ... went to Oakland Catholic tonight - went through Olivia's schedule like it was mine - late bells - awkward seat-finding moments - glancing around the cafeteria looking for familiar faces and all. I waved to people I knew across the room - convinced one person NOT to skip class - got in trouble for texting in class - the works :-). Oh yeah .... and I met some of her teachers - got to know the school a little better - took notes on what to expect in certain courses.... What I was supposed to do ;-).

Photos: The school directory (we are officially in there - high school parents ;-) - and.... all my homework (syllabuses - or is that syllabi :-)?

Happy thoughts to K, my friend and fellow blogger, whose son is home from the hospital tonight - healthy after a bout with some upper respiratory awfulness, and..... congrats to Olivia B for making the play at school (my Olivia wanted me to wall write her on Facebook - I'm givin' her a blog mention :-).

Tomorrow (and birthday brownies and school movie night and the gym, etc.) beckons.

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AngryBaker said...

That is a really cool way to do open house. That way you find out more about what's happening in each class. Sometimes it seems that Open House is just milling around waiting for each parent to get a quickie conference with the teacher. Wait, that is all it is, isn't it? I guess you couldn't do it if you had more than one kid in the school, but I like the idea of walking my kid's schedule.