14 September 2010

Free rangin' a bit.....

Let my little ones run off to the clubhouse after a quick dinner of pasta, apple slices, hot dogs and warm cookies for dessert. Unsupervised and totally self-sufficient, they put on their own sneaks or slip-ons and headed off to climb crossbars and swing - while Daddy and I discussed birthday party plans, new furniture, bedroom painting and other vital bits of info. before soccer practice. Texted my teen while I watched Weezer on Yo Gabba Gabba with Lil - discovered that the field hockey team wandered Oakland like college students - grabbed some Lu Lu's Noodles and boarded the team bus bound for Peters Twp for their games - ETD tonight: past 10 pm - though my girl and her responsible friends will be riding back with another parent in order to get homework done, etc. - She doesn't need me there - assures me she will play hard. Who ARE these kids and how did they get to be so.... um .... secure?!?! ;-).

This is my post for tomorrow - going to get back on gym schedule and stock up on school lunch stuff which is already running dangerously low PLUS continue my ongoing organization projects (can anyone say photos and seasonal clothing), so..... I will be MIA (should I hang a "Gone Fishin'" sign here? - Nah... I'm a "throw'em back" kinda girl anyway ;-). Happy Wed, all. Don't forget Top Chef on Bravo - 10 pm - finale!!!!!

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