13 September 2010

And so it REALLY begins....

Boys off this morning wearing jackets - both carrying back packs and lunchboxes - hubby in long-sleeves, cup of to go" coffee in his hand. There was a light drizzle falling - the light was dim and cloudy this morning, like a storm or heavy rain was on the way. The air was quiet and the street littered with the first of the leaves that have started dropping. I noticed the hint of color starting on the treetops when I drove out to Olivia's field hockey game on Saturday - way out there - rolling hills, winding roads - us city slickers start to get a little freaked when we can't spot the buildings from downtown from the main road (though, no need for bread crumbs to mark the trail in my case - having been a "way out there" suburbanite for years :-).

I actually have time this morning to sort school papers - hang snack lists - fill out school photo forms. I'm watching the news and thinking of so many people affected by tragedy this morning (the pipeline explosion in San Francisco, the attack on the kindergarten in China a few weeks ago as well as all the natural disaster recovery going on). I realize I did not comment on the 9/11 anniversary nor did I post anything at all yesterday (and my vow over a year ago to include reaching out / blogging as a daily discipline is still foremost in my mind - as are my plans to work out regularly again and to eat lighter...). Actually, so much goes through my mind thinking on 9/11. Odd day for me. Olivia had just started kindergarten - I had just become engaged to my now hubby - I had just suffered a personal trauma that was weighing heavily on my mind - I was in a stressful marketing position with a new technology start-up in the area, and..... that's where I was when it all started. I remember someone was listening to Elvis Costello while another person recounted the strange coincidence of two planes running into the World Trade Center. I remember the increasing worry as people began to realize that "something" was going on. With rogue planes flying overhead (and, at the time, those poor people were still alive), reports of a three year old on one of the planes that flew into the twin towers and pretty much... nothing else, we were streaming the BBC reports in our cubicles because they seemed to know more than our local people did at the time ( I'm sure the speculation and chaos had something to do with it as everyone was doing their best to communicate). I remember my direct supervisor saying that it was "probably nothing" - would "blow over" and that if we really felt we needed to, we "could go home" since the advice to evacuate downtown and / or retrieve kids from schools had already been quietly communicated to everyone. I opted to leave to get Olivia. I was told by another "higher up" to take some people with me, so I did..... dropped everyone at home - got Olivia at school - where they were laying low - definitely NOT business as usual - but they weren't alarming the kids at all. Very surreal on this little tree-lined street in a pretty urban neighborhood as parents - worried and confused - arrived midday in work clothes - suits, heels, computer bags in hand, cell phones to their ears - to get their kids. No tap class at the JCC that evening - lots of explaining to the kindergartner who was full of questions - phone calls to check on friends and family in Manhattan or overseas and stranded. Strange, scary, sad day. I mostly remember the aftermath and all the terrible stories and all the fear. And... we've lived that way now for almost a decade - new rules, precautions, etc. Sometimes doesn't seem that long.

So ... on a lighter note too - I just realized that I need to include "Steelers" as one of my tags - can't believe I haven't yet ;-). Hubby went to the game yesterday with my brother, David. My Dad left him his season ticket when he died - a meaningful gesture in this family ;-). So... Steelers will also be foremost on my mind this season (sorry, Dad, didn't mean to neglect your team ;-). More on that later. For now.... another sentimental summer photo montage (and, sorry if you're getting sick of them - these random photos from the past few weeks, cuz... I'm definitely not ....:-).

Oh - quick note - we watched The Young Victoria last night. Really good - love Emily Blunt. Worth a watch :-). And.... Ponyo has become a favorite in this house recently (and I realize most of you have already seen it - but... we don't get out much ;-). Definitely worth a watch - very "old school" animation - dreamy - soothing...

And... LAST note.... yesterday was Grandparents Day... and I know - I know - not truly an official holiday, but... just a reminder to remember someone close to you - an opportunity to contact a grandparent. My kids sent my Mom some "letters" (i.e. odd boxy - but cute - drawings) and a photo from the vain high schooler (kidding - she loves to see what the teens are up to ;-).

See ya!

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