22 September 2010

Errands and.... why, why, why???

Lately lovin' the day to day stuff - boys up and happy each day, ready to brush teeth, eat breakfast, head off to school - Olivia happy with new friends, enjoying her field hockey experience, getting good grades, joining youth group - Lil animated and sweet each day, spending one on one time with Mommy, playing with all her toys, taking walks, dressing up like a "prince-ness". Was just saying this very thing last night - that all was going so well. Granted, hubby has a time-consuming project at work - I have endless school forms, new freelance work and the new day to day school routine. We are tired, and... have little time for each other. It gets rough, BUT we haven't seen our kids this collectively settled and calm in a long time - going to bed willingly, sitting to eat dinner without fighting, dressing themselves, our teen even wanting to spend time with us :-).

This week, we still have to get through two school open houses, the second of two field hockey games AND an all-day tournament on Saturday, movie night at school, dance class, soccer, camp out, birthday treat for Enzo at school, "snack helper" day for Milo, quick b-day celebration / Steeler game on Sun (and party invitations for a movie party a week later) - aaahhhh!!! Seems like a lot, but we can handle it.

This morning, our stride was broken a bit. Enzo woke upset that Milo had gone downstairs without him - Milo wet the bed for the first time in, literally, a few years - Lil was up and down all night last night, restless, calling out - Olivia running a bit late today, almost missed the bus, clipped responses to everything I said to her. After Enzo's tears and Milo's reluctance to eat breakfast as a result of Enzo's tears (he thought he was angry with him) AND the time I took to soothe and alternately scold this morning, we were running late going out the door. Hubby was checking something on his laptop - in my eyes, ignoring my struggle to get Milo to wear certain shoes, run upstairs for socks, help Enzo with his backpack, put one last minute treat in Milo's lunch, etc. I was running out of time - my boys were ranting at me - and.... hubby did nothing UNTIL I had all shoes on, all back packs, etc. packed, THEN he bellowed - "What do you need?" - "Why are you freaking out?" "You know we're late, don't you?"- Actually bolted up the stairs and yelled past my sleeping toddler - "I'm up here now - what do you need?" Um ... nothing. I have it all. Needed it like 10 min ago - stop yelling at me - stop talking down to me - stop acting like I've done something wrong (and, yes, then I go into turbo bitch mode). I do appreciate that you had to handle something for work during this tight timeframe. I'm sure you had your reasons, BUT I was still dealing with crying kindergartner, dirty socks, stubborn preschooler....... Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that lack of sleep on my end - too much work on his - a mean comment from his Mom on my end - a mean phone call from her on his - all that CRAP needs to be put in perspective. Ridiculous what adults will dwell on sometimes OR let get to them. Thankfully, one phone call later (school drop off went well), and we are straight - all good - business as usual (I suggested hubby go to gym :-).

Anyway - off to school to help with kindergarten this morning....

Photo: Milo and Lil shop Whole Foods yesterday. As you can see, they just had to buy pumpkins, gourds and mums - in honor of the first day of fall, I guess (yeah - it's here :-). And... oh yeah - still lovin' that iPhone!

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