07 September 2010

The latest in the back to school saga ...

Enzo started today. Easy this year - we are pros, having done this last year. He is repeating kindergarten with two other friends - knows people in this class - seems ready this year (was only four last year when he started - though he did love it, he was very young and it showed - but he did get to be there with big sis, Olivia, for her last year - very important to our family). This morning, he got up, ate cereal, packed his back pack with a folder, some art and composition notepads, glue sticks, kleenex - you know - kindergarten stuff. Yesterday, we had waited too long to get his hair cut professionally (Labor Day and all), so I had to do it (have done it before - in fact, I am the only one Milo will let cut his hair). Despite one nip on his cheek (he's a flincher) which made me feel bad into the wee hours last night (though, today, I fixed the new "do" with some spritz and a brush and he was all smiles and hugs for me - what a little pumpkin :-), we were incident-free - all good - ready for school - showered, cut nails, laid clothes out, polished school shoes - the whole bit. Today, he wanted to make sure that he was going to after school with Mrs. K - that he and friend, "Nacho", would have their super-cool cubby outside (must be a big class - cuz his is not in the classroom - big boy - knows what he's doing this year ;-) - that I would pick him up later :-).

After mixing with some parents new to the school and some familiar faces & discussing reading with Mrs. M, who also had my Olivia years ago and is anxious to have Enzo again this year, I prepared to take the wee ones for coffee - talked to another high school mother about our girls and their respective homecoming dance dates (more on THAT later) - sent hubby off for a BUSY day, both of us trying to figure out how to do field hockey, soccer and school parent meeting tonight (not to mention, the ballet and gymnastics conflict I've created with MIlo and Lil).

Phew..... Though, truly - I'm ready for fall - for school. This is going to be a great year. I can feel it.

Photo: Enzo this am as he walked into St. Bede with Daddy (love that iPhone of his).

Closing thought: Well.... a timely tip actually - school lunch stuff from Food and Wine here. And.... more back to school goodness from Parents here.

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