27 September 2010

He's six!

For some reason, the BIG talk in kindergarten -this year and last - was / is who is five and who is six. Well.... after what seems like years.... Enzo can finally say he's six. This sweet little, semi-sleepy face greeted me Sunday morning as he came through the front door, having slept all night in a tent with Daddy and Milo. "Guess what, Mommy? I'm six!" And... of course, I know that - am acutely aware of it .... remember his birth like it was yesterday - remember the days afterwards - my Mom talking to me again - my Dad thrilled with little Enzo - holding him, putting him on swings.... just loving him. And, of course, grade schooler, Olivia, so happy with her little brother, kissing him, holding him - Hubby shopping for all sorts of baby accessories, getting the house ready. Enzo changed our family dynamic - for the better and.... permanently. It is a different life we lead now - fuller and busier. He is such a happy, wholesome boy. The other night, I went upstairs to tuck the boys into bed, and Enzo had set he and Milo up with their cookies and milk on the bedside table and made sure they both had books to read. He had turned on the bedside light, turned down the covers and propped the pillows. Milo looked a little bewildered (why am I reading?), and Enzo was just beaming - so proud that he had created this cozy little scenario. That is just how he is.

Yesterday, we kept it lowkey - we baked his cake together in the morning - we opened gifts - we had a light lunch - he talked to grandma (two of his uncles left voice mails) - he had pizza with cousins later - bis sis, Olivia, made him a card - he played all afternoon and into the evening with neighbors next door and down the street.....

So glad you had a happy day yesterday, my sweet boy :-).


TKW said...

Oh, happy birthday to Enzo! Sounds like he had a lot of love around him!

Facie said...

Kids are so funny and cute about birthdays. Glad you all had a nice day.