23 September 2010

Open House

Went to Open House last night. Enjoyed a misty fall evening under a full moon - the school brightly lit - kids swinging and running around the playground, lit only by the bright classroom windows that face the courtyard - parents chatting and walking about the school - the familiar teachers and well-worn but cheerful halls reminding me, yet again, of years ago when I was a new parent there, my high schooler only a kindergartner at the time. We went that night - excited for the year and hoping to make new friends.

Last night, we went with the same hope, really. We are getting to know a whole new group of parents, we are experiencing a turnover of teachers, and we are looking forward the adventure that awaits us over the next few years as we add more kids to the school's roster. So .... we looked at artwork and photos and snuck at look at Enzo's journal - remarked on how Milo was so happy to be "line leader" earlier in the day - talked to Olivia's beloved former art teacher.... and we stole a bit of time to grab a drink, some chat time and a quick walk in Regent Square - all while ordering some take out cheesey fries for our poor little ones (well for the teen, actually - who happily babysat for us) - waiting at home with no power. See ... as usual in our neck of the woods, a storm blew in yesterday around 4 pm, and, at the first gust of wind, our power went out - for 7 hours! Olivia had to do homework by campfire lantern - the little ones watched a movie on the laptop - they snacked on chips and juice - we all made it work. And... believe me, it was tempting to stay on the little restaurant strip in our 'hood with neighbors for a bit, but... we opted to head home and soothe the little ones whose bedtime was soooo thrown off (and feed our Olivia, the aforementioned babysitter, some much-deserved decadent pub food :-).

Photos: Can you tell I took my iPhone (I still heart it so much) to Open House?

Quick fyi for you local readers. Info. on some robberies in Sq. Hill and Greenfield here.

And.... yeah - still on my Halloween kick - check out these costumes!

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