15 September 2010

Can't even begin to describe the yin and yang of this day.....

Started off last night with our teen (I will begin to refer to her that way on occasion - much more descriptive in one word than her name, Olivia) gleefully texting us from a McDonalds stop on the way home from the field hockey game that she had not been taken out very much - a high compliment in our lacrosse and basketball days, but.... now that it appears that physical pressure is hers as an emerging player, once she got home she was all (get those fingers ready to wag) -"uh, mommy (and I wish I could I could phonetically show the full length, emphasis and exaggeration on that word :-) - that is sooooo not a good thing - I'm like so tired". Hubby and I exchanged knowing nods and tiny smiles (God forbid she would detect one on our lips) because we know it was a good thing - dehydration goosebumps and all :-).

This morning, school drop-off went well - Olivia got on her bus in a clean uniform with her homework done and breakfast in her stomach (quite a feat to hit all three sometimes) - the boys went off happily wearing back packs, carrying lunches and ready to be snack helper and / or bring in show n tell later in the week (Milo even got his school picture taken today without the fit he had last year). Lil went to morning out - wearing a jaunty new stripey, flowered, colorful (very Lil) poncho and carrying a Tinkerbell bag (basking in the glow of her fun hide and seek game with our neighbor last night - Lil had this big kindergarten girl all to herself for a while :-) while the boys were at soccer - making "ant houses" out of dirt, picking flowers, running around in the chilly evening air). I snuck in a workout and grabbed an iced coffee - scheduled a call with a freelance acquaintance of mine, which turned into an offer for a position as full-time writing and editing consultant for the new publishing arm of her company, so... to celebrate, I spent some of my long overdue birthday money in Anthropologie (though I AM boring - after perusing cute skirts and funky blouses, I bought my requisite faded, worn long-sleeved crew - yoga-ish pants and funky, sparkly earrings - staples for me - AND looked long and hard at some cool duvet covers - one a mosaic of print and script writing - interesting.....). When I spoke to hubby, his fried computer of the day before (email acting up) turned into a brand new laptop - he was making adjustments at the Apple Store - had also just enjoyed some coffee kid and worry-free in Shadyside. When I picked Lil up from her program, she was sitting in a sunny side yard with one of the teachers and a couple kids, playing with toys and enjoying this beautiful day. Milo was also happy and excited when I picked him up - retrieved his own back pack and everything - ran outside, cheerful, shouting hello to a couple of new friends (Milo has friends who aren't put off by his "loud-talking" - I am thrilled - and he even took direction at soccer practice last night... oh the joy).

I dragged the wee ones to Whole Foods, which, as you know, does NOT always go well for us. This time, however, we did well - aside from one flipped over and spilled container of cinnamon buns, which was met with a cheerful - "Don't be sorry - if this is the worst thing that happens to us today, we're good" (aren't they nice there? - even Milo came back from his "lap of rage" to make amends). We got back home to meet Olivia on time - I got the pot roast and potatoes on in a timely manner - Lil spent time with big sis - Milo got his lone Wii time, and... Enzo got to go to after school with friends from last year. When I arrived at Enzo's after school program, he was playing Star Wars with one of his old best friends (now a first grader) so I took that opportunity to do some phone coordination on his upcoming birthday party at a movie theater. All good, right?

No. It appears his friend had homework so play time was cut short. We had a cheerful ride home, but, once there, my little ones played nicely together for about 15 min. After that, it was screaming, fighting, crying, shrieking, hitting, slapping - pure nasty, cranky, mean defiance. Only half of my little ones ate the big dinner I prepared - hubby called, told me he was surprised earlier by an old high school friend in town, but... he was in town because his father is in the hospital so they were both on their way to visit him there (heart surgery -recovering nicely :-) - Olivia's field hockey friend got sick so I am now on late night pick up duty (which is fine, actually - I owe all my carpool buddies BIG) - plus I got a call from Lil's new dance class saying I forgot to pay on Sat (I did - whoops) AND I got an email from school saying I missed a tuition payment (another whoops - I did - PLUS I neglected to fill out a necessary form, so.... had to alert hubby, who was already cranky, harried and not in the mood to discuss mistakes and / or tuition while a 2 year old and 4 year old screamed in the background). Oh .... and Milo forgot his jacket at school, which he is still fretting about - AND the email regarding Enzo's birthday party arrived without the attachment I need - I did not get my consulting paperwork - our mailbox looks like it's going to break - somehow I got grease on a favorite shirt - there is a lazy but aggressive wasp flying around my kitchen - the headache I've had off and on for two days is back - and did I REALLY miss the magazine fundraiser at Olivia's school? - Did I REALLY cause her to miss an entire dress down WEEK?!?!...... Yeah. Ebb and flow - yin and yang. And - wow - my computer screen just went black. I think I need to sign off before .... well - who knows (plus we have the brilliant, peaceful Ponyo on, which is calming / soothing and it is now time for some pre-bedtime hot chocolate - yum)?

Photo: I'm going to ask Milo to borrow that superhero cape tomorrow. I may need it.

Good news today, though, all in all - along with some of the up and down that makes life worth living, right? Wishing you all the same - happy, happy!

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