09 September 2010

A lot going on ....

So - while I regroup, here's a little something that Lilliana and big sis, Olivia, choreographed and produced the other day.... Enjoy!

Oh - and all you fall gardeners, here's a tip for ya.

OK - so Lauryn Hill is back (remember the Fugees), but... what is she wearing??? And - what is she really doing now after being MIA??? Used to love her....

And.... I'm so into family dinners lately that I'm sharing this link as well.

Finally .... cheering myself up a bit with a little bit of general Facebook snark (and, yes, I agree that carefully choosing photos, messaging old boyfriends or girlfriends about back in the day BS and updating your status every hour is insecure / narcissistic behavior in adults.... a bit different for the student set.... to be expected, I think, at that stage in their lives. Anyway.... my two cents on something AGAIN...).

I think fall is here, people! :-)

1 comment:

Mendy said...

My favorite part is at :34 - where she's shaking her hips. Hilarious.

What is Ms. Hill wearing really??!

Bring on the fall. Had my first cup o'hot cocoa of the season today.