22 September 2010

Pullin' for the "teen".

So ... forgot to mention that Olivia is running for class secretary (and I am superstitious, so ... maybe did not forget - just did not speak aloud - though not afraid to admit defeat - neither is Olivia). She has a long history on class council (as do I - and, yeah, I know - does NOT necessarily fit the picture I paint from those days - aside from the cheerleading - damn, mentioned it again - enigmas, all of us ;-), and she knows a lot of girls in the school. This morning, when I stopped by her old school to prep paper apples and paint starry nights for display in the kindergarten (such a good feeling to be in the hall, toiling away with my paper and scissors and hear both my boys in their respective rooms just totally enjoying their days - same experience from when Olivia was little though then I remember doing scarecrows :-), her old principal was talking about how a lot of the girls from St. Bede are running - obviously proud :-). We'll see.... just did the text exchange to find out: No word on elections yet (and go, Olivia B, for prez too :-). I had forgotten to ask her how her speech went yesterday.... TOO MUCH going on, but... as I always say - would NOT have it any other way.

Enjoy this beautiful day, all. Oh - and... did I mention that, yeah - still lovin' this iPhone thing.....

Photo: The icy, sweet, tasty coffee break I mentioned the other day in recounting our shopping excursion..... Hi Olivia.

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Facie said...

So does this mean no dice, or are you working on the victory speech (er, post) now?!