23 September 2010

My cupcakes are the best!

And by cupcakes .... I mean my kids. The cupcakes I bake are... admittedly.... so so :-), which reminds me to get ON that birthday treat for Enzo's class - a couple dozen brownies, actually, for tomorrow (aaaaallllll good), BUT my kids are super cool!

Olivia DID get secretary (and Olivia B got prez - that's my girls! ;-) - Milo's bloodwork came back much improved (one more "pinch" in a few weeks and we may be scott free!) - got Enzo's birthday invitations rolling - and, Lil.... well - she is super cute in her morning out program now :-).

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Photo: The cupcakes, of course (late summer - a couple of weeks ago)!

I have Olivia's Open House tonight (or, as her school puts it, the "Stakeholder's Night", which.... seems appropriate... all that tuition.....;-). Anyway, I get to walk her schedule. Yikes - I got a lot of detentions for being late back in the day - hope I make her proud tonight :-). And.... send some good karma to her field hockey team.... playing yet another game tonight :-).

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