15 April 2010

Top 5 "so glad I have these" items, people and things for today.

1. Friends who will help me wrangle my wild Lil and Milo without judging - making sure we get off the school grounds safely and with some sanity left when they act up and run from me after P3 pick-up (thank you, ALL - you know who you are :-).

2. My lovely, friendly neighbors without whom we would not have half the fun we have on summer evenings, during snow-ins, at block parties...

3. All of our interesting friends who assist us in enjoying bands, food, conversation, etc.

4. Our crazy families (kids, weird uncles, sisters in a snit and all)... our late fathers (both mine and Marcello's) would love to hear us say that, so... to honor them :-).

5. My Trader Joe's Chocolate organic yogurt... I'm not kidding..... I have work to do, kids to chase and errands to run - good on the go... like a treat :-).

And... I think.... once I actually get to watch it all the way through.... I'll be thankful for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution :-) too.


Shannon W. said...

RE: Jame Oliver's Food revolution. I've only watched a little bit of a couple of the episodes but I like the idea. I think we could do with a little less typical "kid's food" on the lunch menu.

I also love idea of recess before lunch, esp. for the lower grades.


Sherri said...

I agree.... He did a lot for the food in the public schools in England, so.... worth a try here :-).