10 April 2010

A Silly Nightmare

.. if that's possible. I dreamt that my camera broke and I couldn't get it fixed or take pictures and I was missing all these moments with my kids and other family members that I wanted to really remember. Hubby was telling me to be calm, but... I was frantic. It was very real. I mean, I have dreams about monsters, and I know they're not real - I dream of my Dad, and I know he's not here anymore - I dream that I'm 16 again and that, ugh, hopefully, is not real. This was bizarre, though - filled with all sorts of other implications - that time was moving quickly, that I was missing things with my kids, that other family members were mad at me, that I was too busy cleaning stuff and being stressed to notice the beauty of everyday life.... I feel like Scrooge... visited by menacing but helpful ghosts in the night.... and the message to me is clear - don't worry so much - enjoy my family - relax a bit - spend time with those I love - and, unfortunately, those with issues, will have to deal with their own "stuff". I edited a bunch of documents written on "faith" this week, and I think they rubbed off on me. Treat others as you want to be treated - forgive but move on - embrace your blessings ....

You know I used to have a dreamer's dictionary that I relied pretty heavily when I was younger - maybe I should dig it out....;-)>

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