06 April 2010

Birds are singing...

... and it is a beautiful day. Brand new buds on all the trees - wet, windy spring air - smells muddy, green and like whatever is on the wind is something you haven't felt in months.....

My kids are all off to school - except for lil Lil who was up coughing last night. Despite the frustration that waking in the night with a little one creates, I have to admit that I still love the opportunity to soothe and hold her - kissing her head, rubbing her back. It is definitely one of those moments to keep....

So... hubby and I up and watching silly shows and movie into the wee hours, drinking tea, talking, joking. Rare for us these days.

A lot on my mind today... Amy at Callapitter (see my blog list - especially today - and send good thoughts her way) and the loss of her beautiful kids a year ago - the poor people, in our neck of the woods really, who lost loved ones in the West Virginia coal mine accident - my Dad and how he would have been hanging on every last moment of the NCAA final game :-) - my little Enzo and how, as we struggle with our decision to either repeat kindergarten or let him move on first grade, youngest in his class (and young enough to miss the public school cut-off but just make the private school one for K) but smart and very eager to be challenged (THRIVES on it), he doesn't understand some of the questions we pose to him about moving on to a harder class or staying with his friends (wants to stay with his safe K teachers but keep his friends - "I don't understand, Mommy." - need to keep it our decision and support him either way :-) - my Olivia as she begins her last few months at her beloved St. Bede - my friend, Kim, and her sweet boy, Jake, who is sick right now and has been sick off and on for some time (she has incredible strength - and has asked for additional prayers for her little girl, Eliza, who is consumed with worry for her big brother).... and, of course, Easter makes me miss my childhood, my grandparents, my carefree runaround time with my cousins :-) all those years ago.

There is a lot I could focus on now that is self-directed (how I miss doctor and dentist appointments in order to get everyone else's scheduled - how I never get my hair cut or dyed anymore - how I can't shop even for kids' underwear without little ones hanging off of me - how me and hubby can't get a weekend or overnight babysitter to work out so we can just spend ONE night together, which we have not done in YEARS) - instead, I'm trying to focus all that energy towards others who need strength, and... I'm trying to honor the memory of those no longer with us by honing in on everything I have that is truly special. Worries be damned - it's time to get serious about positive thinking and feeling :-).

Happy spring, all. Let's try to improve the mood of at least one person today - let's try to hug our kids more than we usually do (so Tiger Woods' pathetic laments that he missed his son's first birthday couldn't be falling on deafer ears this morning) - and let's make a mental list of all we have that is good. Peace to all of you dealing with pain and loss today (and there is a lot around us despite all the greenery and beautiful blue skies - my Olivia is serving a funeral mass this morning...), and... I really mean that - through tears - REALLY mean that :-) because I know there are a lot of you out there, so dear to me, who have lost parents, spouses, sisters and brothers, and this time of year.... well, we just want them here with us, don't we?

Anyway - here's a scary but happy ending story (again, those of you with kids... take note!), and.... some retail therapy - a Pottery Barn Kids Spring Sale - to keep us on the positive side of things. And... a local "must do / must see" - Maggie, who I've highlighted before for her knitting prowess (and her business) will be at The "I Made It Market" at Southside Works this Saturday - check it out here. Because (and you know how I like to get on my soapbox), there is so much in life to celebrate - so much to get out and DO!

Please visit Callapitter and give Amy your support - look at the photos of her beautiful kids and just give it all a little bit of thought - today is a hard day for her. Maybe find a way to honor their memory in some way .... Kate and Peter, 6 and 4 when they died. Very sad. I have no words for such a tremendous, senseless loss.

As I've been saying lately... happy spring .... really.

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