28 April 2010

Ho hum ....

Milo has begun demands this am but is also singing (Down by the Bay.... where the watermelons grow....Back to my home...) - Lil so tired she is sleeping in - Enzo so allergy-ridden that he has no appetite (though is happy that he is snack helper and is looking forward to after school, so... that should help) - Olivia has a big run in school today (the gym teacher is allowing a run in the park as opposed to laps around the gym, which, I think, is just great) - happy for Sandra Bullock and her new adopted baby boy - concerned for the giant oil slick headed for shore (and sad for the families of the accident victims) - happy with the American Apparel thermal long-sleeve t's I bought my boys - psyched to be through some work / freelance stuff and moving forward - calm, for once, about an upcoming fundraising project - concerned about some bullying I've seen lately..... All that and I still have that laundry to put away, toilets to clean, gymnastics to attend, summer activities to plan, planting to get on - more. All good :-).

Oh - and check out some of these free trade products as described in Real Simple.

I've attached some footage of Milo exhibiting kinda how I feel today (yes, it's a tantrum ;-).


Emily said...

Aww, Enzo is trying to help. That is so sweet.

Sherri said...

Their dynamic is so funny. Enzo used to call Milo "Baby" and talked for him, got him his food, gave him his bottle..... too cute.