24 April 2010

A Saturday

So ... we got our family photos taken today. Went well... considering..... Milo was only "Mad Milo" part of the time (though I think his antics probably shot down any chances of us getting all four kids together willingly) - Enzo was an angel (will Photoshop where he had a chafed face from chewing on his shirt - a habit, I'm told, I had as a kid - only I chewed hair and my tongue - yes, my tongue - eewwwww) - Lilliana did not want her picture taken and would NOT put on the cute brown Converse sneakers I brought - instead.... wore her beloved too tight black patent leathers and remained coy throughout - Olivia looked great and had some fantastic photos taken against the backdrop of the city (though Big Daddy M definitely balked at her skinny jeans and her heels - funky, cool rainboots ended up being the shoe du jour, however). Me and hubby even had some cute shots taken together :-). We had perfect overcast light - rescheduled to miss the rain - enjoyed some wind and a smattering of raindrops way up on a bridge overlooking the city. Cool. Hopefully, we look urban and edgy as opposed to frazzled and minivan-ish :-). Grabbed some spaghetti and meatballs and Peroni at some crazy, kid-friendly place afterwards and headed home to fireplace, pjs, and tea (though Olivia has a high school play to attend - and... come to think of it, maybe I drank iced tea and only dreamed about an adult bevie to take the edge off - the afternoon, as always, is a blur :-).

Anyway.... Libby Jones, photographer with talent, patience and a fun attitude, saved our family portrait lives :-). We are sad that she's relocating from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, but.... it was nice working with her.

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