19 April 2010

I try.

I do my best, and that is all I can do, right? Here's to all you hard-working moms, sisters, daughters, wives, grandmothers, etc. out there (dads, husbands, etc. too, of course) - I'm just in a gender snit again today (so.... I guess "cheers" is in order ;-). Seriously - and I know I sound like a cheesey bumper sticker - but be KIND to someone today - hold the door, say hello, smile - beyond that, allow someone into your group that meets for coffee - or - help someone with a project (fund-raising, yard work ...) - invite one who may appear lonely or over-worked or both or someone going through a hard time or having medical issues (of any kind - surprise or difficult pregnancy, cancer in the family, horrible allergies - whatever) to a movie or lunch. And, above all, have a nice day :-).

Oh - and check out this good deed.... I'm fascinated by surfers anyway (would secretly like to be one), and... well this chick did something nice at a pretty young age. Remarkable? Or - just a selfless good deed, one that we could all mimic. Read and let me know what you think ;-).

And ... remember - today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing... 15 years.

Lastly (cuz part of my "do-gooder / doing the best I can" mentality today involves staying vigilant on keeping the kiddos healthy :-) - important tips regarding what to avoid in terms of REALLY bad food additives here.


TKW said...

Surfers ARE cool, aren't they? I'm pretty impressed with that little lady.

Okay, okay, I'll be nice to someone today. Just for you.

Sue said...

I just dropped my kids at school and continued on my morning 2-miler. As I turn the corner, I see a woman with her back to me scolding her kids for goofing off while she's trying to herd them to school. She turns around, realizes I've busted her and just starts laughing. So I laugh back and say HI - and she looks relieved to know that she's not the only one who has "morning issues" with her crew. Another mother moment we can all relate to, huh?
Thanks for the reminder to be friends with others.

Sherri said...

Love the story, Sue. Thanks, guys, for joining the ranks of us "do gooders" today (I almost saved a toddler on a run to the street - though someone else did :-) - though I got dirty looks when my Lil took off in the grocery store 30 min. later in a similar fashion ... Oh well can't win'em all.

Sherri said...

OK - wait - I did remember a kind comment.... As I lugged Lilliana back to the grocery cart and a waiting Milo (she made it from the "international" aisle all the way to dairy), a woman passed me and said (with a smile :-), "She is wearing the most beautiful coat." Probably saw it as Lilliana whizzed by her at 25 mph.... Was nice of her to say something friendly to me, however.

joely said...

I love the movie Pay It FOrward. What you said reminded me of that. Thanks for the reminder to be nice to someone today, because you never know when you will need it.