20 April 2010

Moments ...

... on which to meditate. Gotta get off my treadmill of laundry, kitchen clean-up, play squeezed in between making school lunches, doing carpools and making beds - Need to enjoy my kids more - need to get back in touch with me. Will have a wee bit of time this morning - to breathe - do some yoga (I need to fix my sore right hamstring, causing me all kinds of pain - need to stop my TMJ jaw from hurting), just trying to, make a list of "me projects" (not being selfish with "me time" - just trying to get back on track)- maybe visit hubby - will continue to plan a week with each individual child in mind....

Photos: Like I said.... moments on which to meditate.... my kids at their happiest (I am encouraged this morning by ALL the family photos I have - so much fun - so many experiences - despite some, obviously, trying days - I think we've all been there....;-).

Oh - and one last bit of "zen" (discovered this at "ex hot girl" - see my blog list) - Christina Hendricks has been voted - well... whatever Esquire does each year - hottest woman alive - something like that - and she is a big, curvy girl. I've always had some wild curves... had women tell me that my big boobs made me look fat my whole life. Take that, people!

And... how 'bout that Icelandic volcanic dust cloud stopping travel all over the world? Hey - at least we're not traveling Europe right now, right? So on the bright side with that because I ALWAYS want to be traveling Europe :-).

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TKW said...

I think Christina Hendricks is the most gorgeous creature on Earth!!

I love the picture of your little man frolicking in the waves!