30 April 2010

Little things can be amazing...

It is 80 degrees outside today - it was 35 degrees outside a day ago. My two year old just counted to ten with no problem - then went to find her brother in a game of hide n seek (the first of my kids to actually count THEN "get" the hide n seek concept so young - kudos to Lil). Mad Milo sat through his cousin, Sofia's, theater performance this morning without freaking out - listened to the singing, wanted to be put higher so he could see, recognized Horton from Horton Hears a Who (in the Seussical portion of the show :-) - ALL before "one of those" tantrums (Olivia had to help me carry him out to the parking lot) when the show ended. I actually drank an entire Starbucks drink today without spillage - without disruption - not just amazing, but a true miracle.

Photo: Enzo emerges from a box - because we all know there is nothing amazing about the fact that a box is the BEST place for a hideout ;-).

Time for the weekend!

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