05 April 2010

One more day!

To rest and enjoy one another, that is (then it's back to work!).

Easy breakfast of toast, bananas, granola bars and cold cereal this am - allowing the Wii for the boys (Super Mario Galaxy today - kid-oriented though requires some reading - on deck to get Boom Blox - thanks for the recommendation, Sue - and, of course, the boys' favorites - Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman) - Olivia at a sleepover - Lilliana set up with pretend play and her new (Easter gifts) mermaid fairy bath toys and plastic elephants (a Mommy and a baby). Hubby and I partaking of coffee and homemade nutroll on the deck (drinking from the big Maine mugs that always makes me think of my Mom and my Dad :-( and their trip to Maine right around when Enzo was born). Spring is here!

Some notes on Easter..... So nice to connect with friends and family by phone, holiday cards or in person (still have some people we need to see, but... it's warm now, so... travel and get-togethers are much easier now - plus entertaining outside FINALLY feels so good!). Too much food and A LOT going on - some tired, cranky kids (in fact, everyone looked beautiful in their Easter outfits - photos to come - but Milo would only wear a worn t-shirt, plaid shorts with palm trees on them and... his Easter tie - looked like the drummer in a punk band), but... tired and cranky because they did play with their beloved neighbor friends and cousins, and... saw school friends and other people at the church egg hunt and had a week of adventure and family time.... All good.

Great sale on Kate Quinn Organics at zulily.com , I'm told (thanks, Mendy :-).

Photo: Like I said... spring!!!

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