08 April 2010

A Story

OK - so I have a big editing project to get through this week... As a result, not feeling too prolific in the writing area..... I do have this story, though.... Enjoy :-).

Once, not too long ago, when I was discussing furnace and washing machine repair options with two different contractors (and holding my cranky infant) and my Enzo and Milo were around 2.5 and 3.5 years old, respectively, I left them to play with the cookie dough we had just mixed in the kitchen - I was five feet away from them and could see them, for the record ....(mommy - can we bake cookies? can we? can we bake cookies?). Finally, after a short time, Enzo, the responsible leader of the duo, emerged from the kitchen and announced, "We baked the cookies, Mommy." "Mmmm Hmmm", I responsibly replied (in my defense, I had just been told that our expensive high-end washing machine was dead and the furnace had not had a safety switch on it for the entire last year). Of course, I had left out the eggs in the batter should my darlings attempt to taste it. No Salmonella in this house. However, I did not realize that they knew how to work the oven dials. Once my contractors left, I went into the kitchen to find the cookie sheet in the oven - little balls of gooey, messy dough in each corner of the sheet - carefully placed by little hands, obviously, and... the gas was on. Can't wait for the cookies!

Are you horrified? I'm actually laughing. I can't quite file this under "less than stellar parenting tip", but... maybe.... "clueless" or "pick your battles". I don't know - what do you think?

Photo: Part of my "self-serve" kitchen (ha ha). Lil's making the family some popcorn (wink wink).


TKW said...

It's amazing what those little rascals can get into, isn't it? Especially when mommy is busy/distracted. Love the pic!

Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla said...

Well, at least you taught them how to bake, right? So funny!

Thank you for the email. I appreciate it!