27 April 2010

Time really does fly.

Today, Enzo and friends perform for the incoming kindergarten class. I remember doing this a year ago. I love kindergarten. I love the snack and being "snack helper", the newness of the back packs and "Friday Folders", the packed lunches and the excitement of "hot lunch", the artwork, the homework that they tackle with such confidence as the year progresses, show and tell weekly, the valued library books that come home and are treated like treasure, the opportunity to come into the room to help, the fun of first field trips, hearing about the museum pieces that visit, talking about the animals they study, listening to new words from Italian class, dirty jackets from recess where they run like crazy people :-) - all of it!

So - off he'll go in a "silly costume" (plaid, stripes and a tie - wacky ;-)!) - big sis, Olivia, will be giving tours to new students as a member of Student Council (so she'll be all dressed up) - I will pop my head in to get a look at next year's class (in case we decide to keep him in kindergarten another year - ugh -that decision - breaks my heart - very difficult). I made cupcakes for the big event, so... my kiddos will get treats in their lunch - I have to be in the school coordinating my own fundraising and other projects, so... will be there with Lil (Milo safely hanging out in P3).

A year? Really?

Photos: My little guy in his soldier costume "back stage" at the Christmas play this year. What a night that was :-)! Plus - Enzo with Mommy and Daddy - last year on this day. He really does look a lot older now (sniff)!

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