21 November 2010

Will I ever get sick of this..... and... that?

On Sundays, I find myself organizing all the school stuff for Monday. Sure - I should have this all done way before Sunday afternoon, but... I believe in giving my kids a break from homework and other "business week" detail. I believe in giving myself such a break as well. Doesn't always work out that way, but I aim high ;-).

Anyway, going through Milo's preschool bag, emptying Enzo's back pack (in which I find a number of treasures like leaves from his nature walk at school - his new library book - a show n tell item long stuffed in the bottom - the banana he did not eat in after school, etc.), and even checking Lilliana's "morning out" lunchbox to make sure sippy cups are washed, baby wipes refilled..... CERTAINLY, properly washing Olivia's OC uniform - sweater vests, thick, shrinky polos and carefully hemmed skirts - is daunting at times, but comfortingly "regular" - one of my weekly things.

So - will I ever get tired of this? I mean, some days, I do. I just organized a bunch of paperwork; do I want to add more to the pile? It is over 60 degrees outside in late Nov, do I want to drag everyone inside to handle homework? No. But... I do want to plow through all this prep, ya know? I want to file old homework, I want to clear off the dining room table to make it family dinner-friendly, I want to make sure gloves and coats and gym shoes, etc. are in their proper spots, but.... I don't always have time. And... it sometimes feels mundane. I suppose someday, when Olivia is at college, I'll miss bugging her to do her chores - I'll miss washing those annoying uniforms, and when Enzo is no longer enamored of fallen leaves - I'll miss the dry, crunchy mess I pull out of his back pack weekly, and when Milo no longer wants to make up with me by drawing something fun we've done that day - I will have his drawings filed away appropriately - to look at. For Lil, everything is magical right now, and that "grown up time" seems so far away, but.... it will come too. I'll be ready. Right now, I'm going to enjoy my Sunday "school prep" :-).

And that is all I know today. I told you I've be back sporadically - posting as such. That went for lucidity as well, and today is not one of my good days ;-).

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