23 November 2010

Check out some stuff...

Did I forget to tell you that Crate and Barrel is open near the Ross Park Mall (hello, locals)? We went; it is nice. Big store - everything C & B - not like the smaller "we'll have to order it for you" types (like the Nordstrom in that area :-(. We got lamps, wrapping paper, a super cool covered cake plate.... for the holidays :-).

Also, check out Burgh Baby (my blog list) for a fantastic rant on how women (especially) are judged for their weight - too fat, too thin - despite how off-base (well and always inappropriate) these comments may be. Weigh in if you can; I sure did.

And... sad story in LA - don't know quite what to make of it (sad, sad, sad - really terrible - poor baby). Thoughts and prayers that direction..... And - reminders to cherish what you have - so many of us have a lot to be thankful for this season - would be nice to reach out to others.

And.. are you a royal watcher? Probably not. I am, however. So.... Kate and William have picked the day and place (29 April and Westminster Abbey).

Now - back to editing and iPhoto. I suppose I am truly back, but... I am not yet redesigned (all in the works) and only partially reconcepted. Input from all you guys has been so appreciated (keep it coming - email, text, Facebook - whatever).

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Chris Pollock said...

Would you believe I have been to Ross Park twice in the last two weeks and didn't go in the Crate and Barrel!! Oh, the boys were perfectly happy to waste all kinds of time in LLBean but no C & B for me :-(