08 November 2010

The gym

Have been hitting it a lot lately. As a result, my arms are sore - my back feels better - and my cardio tolerance is hugely improving. Why do I stop going at all? Oh yeah - back to school, sick kids, home improvement, etc. Anyway - still love my Urban Active at Bakery Square.

Project re-organization is going well (aside from the mysterious blow-up pool toy on our deck, we are looking more neat and proper). Still all-consuming, however. Writing / editing project also time-consuming. Googled slow cooker roast recipes and top mommy blogs this morning. I have arrived at "that place" - no time - lots of ideas. Wishing you all well today. Miss you. What have you all googled lately?


Facie said...

I need some good, easy recipes. I read the stuff you make and think that will never be me. I am more of a four or five (simple) ingredient gal.

As for googling, last night, I googled knocked-out teeth to be sure I should not be worried about Jordan knocking out her two front (baby) teeth at the pool. I wish I googled more exciting things!

I should probably change for a run. I don't want to, but reading your blog is good inspiration.

Sherri said...

I wish I could be more inspired to run farther like you do!