18 November 2010


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) tonight - midnight.... Olivia is going with friends (I'm ashamed to tell you what we're doing about school Friday morning... I'm such a slacker mom). Can't wait to see it myself.

Hit East End Food Co-op this am (need to actually rejoin that place again) for some Tea Tree Oil conditioner.... yes, it looks like lice has made an official outbreak again this year in the schools (a few years ago, it spread like wildfire), and this is supposedly a good, natural deterrent for the nasty little buggers.

Photos: Milo in action in gymnastics - Lilliana with her guest award (it was observation day), and...brother and sister share a juice as Lil joins us for our ritual "donuts out" on Thursdays :-).

I have serious, serious, serious brain fry lately. Forgot to eat dinner last night - doing laundry into the wee hours - house a total mess - kids, thrown off by time change, are up at 2am, 3 am, 4am (so tired lately that, today, I wasn't even fast enough to grab Milo before he spit his gum into the Community Food Bank bin collecting for the holidays, and... I'm usually pretty quick - anticipate such things)....I really have no words...... AND... I have taken my 5 min for the day.... I hear fighting and requests for eggs with cheese and the "baby yogurt with blueberries" AND apples with honey.... plus my jacket is still on, groceries still in bags on kitchen floor, I have still not eaten solid food in HOURS, I am behind in emails, cleaning, etc...... Aaaahhhh....

Quick note about today, in general: It is a childrens' grief awareness day (see my blog list for a couple of posts), so... just be aware.

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AngryBaker said...

The time change plus being gone is killing us too.

Sipping chocolate from TJs is back and I'm in the process of hoarding it - makes my life bearable.