27 November 2010

A lot AND..... nothing......

Trying to get kids, all sugared up on cupcakes from yet another b-day party, down to bed then meet hubby and a friend out .... for just a little while. Olivia home from babysitting - having played her "Turkey Bowl" (flag football with girls from OC and boys from CC) earlier in the day (wait till she finds out I may have just committed myself to my own flag football game :-).

We actually did a lot and nothing, all at the same time today. Organized some more - files, music, photos, finances this morning (videoed the kids screaming at the first SNOW!!!! - light flakes that flew early today). Watched some of the Turkey Bowl and took some embarrassing photos (any photo taken of a teen in front of her friends is mortifying) - took little ones to lunch (I did play area at Chick Fil-A while hubby picked up our newly stripped and stained bedroom door then met us) - more reorganization, blind and door hanging...... then... party at neighbors... a brisk walk in the cold.... bath, bedtime, etc., which brings me to now... and my half zen / half agitated state of mind. Anyway.... bowling, Snow Ball shoe shopping, possible meeting with old friends, etc. tomorrow..... Busy, busy. Hope you're all enjoying the season!

Photos: Turkey Bowl - or, rather, the milling and fooling around before it started, and.... our beautiful door - check out that doorknob and hardware - beautiful!!!

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AngryBaker said...

The door looks great. Some of ours are really bad.. this is tempting b/c after scraping all of the paint off the 1965 bed, I'm not gung-ho to do it again any time soon.