12 November 2010

Oh the odd things we'll remember someday!

One scoop chocolate plain (Enzo - with a side o' milkshake)- one scoop chocolate with sprinkles (Lil) - one scoop vanilla with sprinkles (Milo - with a side o'gummy bears). And.... I still remember to this day, shopping the mall with Olivia at Lil's age - DQ vanilla cone, no sprinkles (now, she's all chocolate :-).

Random shots of our day at Children's Hospital for Milo's blood test (memories, memories, memories there - walking the halls for all our appointments with baby Milo - for a while, I knew some of the other regular patients, the nurses....) - ice cream later followed by library (where they just go nuts - no recent memories of story hour there as wee ones - Milo and Lil didn't care for it - Enzo and I had a yoga-packed schedule, BUT... I do have memories of infant Olivia crawling our library and bookstore floors in Virginia during our story hours there; she would steal the little vanilla cookies with holes in the middle from other kids - usually they all had them on their fingers like little rings :-).

Random and scattered today because my brain is still MIA ;-).

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