22 November 2010

And ... the pace picks up.....

I mean, there are days I still stand, mouth open, stunned to immobilization - that this is the PACE of my life. Again, this is the hardest year (I looooong for the days of sleepless infant nights and toddlers who nap - cuz I have one just beyond the toddler stage, but she is not a napper - piece of cake compared to this) BY FAR in my "parent of four children" saga.

Granted, things are easier in that I have modified my diet to create energy when I need it - a delicate balance of carbs and protein (and coffee - and Prilosec - thank God for that, truly - without it, I would have an ulcer for sure) - I have figured out how to get the house semi-clean and / or get loads of laundry at least started, folded or moved from one place to another by beginning such tasks before 6 am (and my kids are now in love with the early PBS shows, so... that works for me) - I do make it to the gym but I usually don't have time to shower and cut workouts short so that I can make it to the grocery store or other vital errands - I take editing / writing clients again but I work late at night or move deadlines (and take such projects that allow for that ;-). It is CRAZY!!!!

Today is one of those days. Dinner was late (hubby working late to accommodate for vacation days later this week) - and the kids did not want to put down their drawings, so we ate pasta among crayons and markers and half-completed kindergarten homework. Olivia colored Lilliana's face so that she resembled a pink cat (Lil modified it later - see photo). Luckily, they requested pasta again, so I could fill their bellies easily - though.... Enzo wanted my homemade meat sauce, and Milo wanted freshly ground cheese (remember the pile earlier this week), so worked on all that while moving around the Thanksgiving stuff I bought today (100+ year old houses do not have big kitchens, as many of you know). The noise (and I was trying to contact a client regarding an important question) - the splattered sauce (and, yeah - I got up early to clean) - the singing (which is kinda cool) - the just plain nuttiness (alternately maddening and cool - but one is old enough for homework but not for entirely dressing or undressing himself - one is still getting the hang of the potty and won't eat anything until it is bedtime - one still messes her Princess pull-ups and needs sippy cups and bubble baths and jammies with feet in them - and one is doing Geometry, buying expensive dresses for school dances and signing up for MORE sports with carpools involved, so... I'm stretched a little thin).....

Anyway - photos of said nuttiness with one proud look at my 4 year old's art talent. Check out that detail!

Screaming, stomping kids in shower beckon (plus a teen whose flash drive is no longer working and who spends all sorts of prime time talking on her mobile instead of re-creating the Comm Skills presentation that she finished then accidentally deleted this afternoon - and I saw it almost done.... ouch) - whole house smells like Tea Tree Oil (damn lice still terrorizing our school - gotta keep them away -and it's Turkey Games at school tomorrow, so close quarters for all). Stories of how another K student punched Enzo (bloody nose) - Daddy going nuts on kids who talk over one another (I'm sure there will be tears as a result - even our tough boys have feelings - oh boy - do they have feelings....).... Uh oh - more kids on the bed (can hear the ceiling ready to come crashing down).... I'm dizzy, have dry mouth (hoarse from trying to talk - yell - whatever - over them), heart pounding (I can't tell you how many times today, I was cut off as I turned or walked or rounded a corner and almost fell or slammed into a wall - they move so fast!!!), and.... this is supposed to be my release.... May need something a little stronger....;-).

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