10 November 2010

Kid Kitchen Project of the Day

Lemonade. And I think it was messier than the cookies yesterday. Helped at school today (made truly super cool fossils with K - snapped a photo of P4 hard at work on painting )- on last legs of editing my first 48 pg doc in this current project series - so ... needless to say, the kids' pjs hang on the bannister where I left them this am, I have forgotten my iTunes log-in / password and... while I did manage to get everyone to sit down to baked chicken, mac and cheese, salad and veggies (Milo had whole grain chips and an apple... we're working on it ;-), the dinner dishes did sit for a while tonight.

Happy Veteran's Day, all. I have a lot of family members who will be honored in memory tomorrow. Kids have no school - Milo has blood test - OC is not off so teen will attend school AND babysit pm - Always something....

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