24 November 2010

Random images of a holiday in the making.

So - Enzo was up at 5 am this morning (very enthusiastic boy lately - photo of a "tiger cloud" on this post is from a Thanksgiving food shopping outing on which he cheerfully accompanied me - And, for the record, when we texted Daddy the cloud, he thought it looked like a scorpion.... What do you think? Seriously. Enzo will be interested) - while, by contrast, we had to prod Olivia a number of times to get her moving. Milo did NOT want to go to school (even for this short, half day) and made up excuses like his coat is not warm enough or his hair looked funny - even the dreaded "my stomach hurts", but.... kicking and screaming, he went to the car with Daddy (and both boys had their bags of crackers for the school's food drive) - Lil has decided she wants to only wear her princess pull-ups this morning and is having carrot sticks and green apple for breakfast (and has "poltergeisted" the tv room with legos). In the midst of all this - at literally 7:30 in the morning, Milo's beloved doctor called us to discuss those blood text results from a few weeks ago (and, truthfully, I'm glad he waited - TOO much chaos with dentists, and orthodontists, and well check-ups, and routine tests, and sick people...). Anyway - all good so far - one more text after the New Year and, hopefully, his red cells will be back to normal, and we'll be done with it for a while (at least the anemia and iron deficiency is better).

We have plans for tomorrow - not hosting but definitely cooking. I love Thanksgiving food so do not necessarily mind making a sage and marjoram stuffing, corn pudding, sweet potatoes with pecans and brown sugar, glazed carrots, a dessert, spiced bourbon cranberry sauce, and fresh basil and pesto bruschetta. We'll have a car full of stuff as we head to my sister-in-law's house. We have plans to skate around the tree downtown, see a movie, attend a few birthday parties, continue our home improvement, shop, etc. What are your plans this holiday weekend? And - what are you all cooking for tomorrow? Really - I so dig Thanksgiving ....memories of being home from college - family, the parade, football, food, laughter......Digressing....

So - a hodge podge of photos today - Everything from Olivia's "no braces" countdown and rejected "matchy - matchy" holiday outfits (for a photo - and speaking of outfits... while trying to buy online for her Shadyside Snow Ball dress and call stores for dress availability, we had some adorable dress sizes and colors just disappear before our eyes - from Nordstrom, J. Crew - the crazed shopping season is upon us) to the food lying about our kitchen, ready to be whipped into Thanksgiving submission today.... And, really, it will be a frenzy, I think.

Regardless, totally primed and ready for my run to the store today for last minute basil, whipping cream, corn, crusty bread, and pecans... Wish me luck ;-).

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