07 November 2010

Looks like we made it...

... to the public market - cranky, tired kids in tow and sleepless and overwhelmed with household "stuff" ourselves, we went. Even the teen went with us. And... it was Ok (I think we were hoping it would be more like The West Side Market in Cleveland). Small - OK variety. What is there is good. Got ourselves some nice pierogies, baklava, fresh flowers and coffee. Also found a new rustic bakery, Sustenance, which uses whole wheat flour, honey, etc. in the ingredients, making for tasty, not too sweet, healthier but moist luscious cakes, pies, cookies, etc. Her "store" is the market for now, so that's pretty cool. On the way home, we listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (a band that we and our teen share in terms of appreciation) and laughed and enjoyed one another - boys had big lollys - Olivia was telling stories - Lilliana was in a good mood, having just scored a dated Halloween vampire container from one of the candy vendors ;-).

Still taking it easy, so.... photos speak for themselves.

Have you guys ever seen the movie, Whip-It? About the roller derby girls? With Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page? It's good. Watched it again last night and can recommend it :-).

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