15 August 2010

Ten Good Things

1. Rising early (and cranky) yesterday made it possible for me to sit and experience a breezy, sunny, humidity-free early morning.

2. Hubby dug pricker bushes, vines and other debris away from our neighbor's old wooden treehouse / swingset (their kids are in college and our backyard isn't really big enough to hold one) so now we have a stone-covered, brambly path from our veggie garden and storage area to the neighbor's old swingset - which they said we could use - they never see because that part of the yard is way over a hill - perfect situation - everyone happy.

3. That swingset prompted the monkey in me - as I climbed and lay across the cross bars - and stood on top and balanced and, ultimately, did a little stomach / legs first flip off of it (one that we used to get in trouble for doing when I was a kid on the playground ;-). I was actually cleaning it, testing crossbar rungs, etc. and just had some fun with it. I was on it and testing myself (in truth) so long that I am actually a little sore today (making a case for those workouts that use climbing, pulling, etc. - hello, personal trainer?).

4. Despite not being in a shopping mood yesterday OR liking PF Chang's very much, I went along - got Lilliana some VERY sparkly Tinkerbell shoes - Olivia some cool polka-dot Converse - let the boys pick out something in the bookstore - did lunch - did ice cream - and had fun doing it all. Just tried to be calm and let the day do its thing :-).

5. Once the treehouse / swingset was up and running, my boys ran out to enjoy it - made it all the way across the cross bars - used the swing - poked their heads out of the treehouse part - loved every minute of it.

6. We all slept in today (except Enzo - he never sleeps in).

7. I found what I think might be close to the yummiest brunch recipe in the world here on Serious Eats - a French farmhouse recipe - Cherry Clafoutis (and I have to say, living overseas and partaking of Lux, French, Belgian, German, etc. sweets was THE BEST) - custard, cherries, bake and go easy..... gonna try it - check it out here or on see the blog on my list.

8. Was able to watch a movie all the way through last night - The Ghostwriter (LOVE Ewan MacGregor, Pierce Brosnan AND Kim Cattrall), which was a little odd - though think that Roman Polanski is brilliant at prompting odd, interesting relationships from the actors and the dialogue was unusual / intriguing (also, having just ghostwritten / edited something myself... liked the dynamic). Anyway, it was odd in that all the answers you wanted were not answered, but there were a couple of surprises that you did not see coming. Nice setting - rainy, minimalist beach house...

9. It appears one side of the family has decided to begin the Sunday dinners or breakfasts that WE suggested months ago (has to be their idea, but... at least they are doing it - all good).

10. Cleaning the closets and organizing the bedrooms has led the kids to play with some otherwise discarded toys as well as prompt memories of Olivia as a wee one (in particular - the Winnie the Pooh music maker that propelled the mobile over many a crib throughout the years - starting with Olivia :-) - has me remembering those sleepless nights and sweet baby smells and sounds).

Photo: Perusing our now fun and functioning backyard (fire pit, veggie garden, swingset / treehouse, flowers, patio, riding toys, lighted deck) made me think of the birdhouses that the boys made (and often fill with seed or peanut butter), which hang on our fence. This photo is the day we painted them - a year and a half ago...??? Not sure - Enzo looks sooooo young :-).

Question of the day: Has anyone seen Eat, Pray, Love yet?


Facie said...

I just finished reading Eat Pray Love yesterday. I was so afraid that I would hear or read something about how it ended that I pushed myself to do it. Great book, was not jazzed by the ending, however. I definitely want to see the movie, but will probably wait.

So cool about the swingset.

Hey, has anyone else said that they have trouble reading the beginning of your posts b/c your twitter feed gets in the way? I have little doubt that I just have some weird setting on my computer and don't know how to fix it, but figured I would ask.

Sherri said...

Thanks for mentioning that, Facie - the layout thing - Sue mentioned it too (comments here - and another friend who does not comment) - might be a PC prob? Has not yet been reported on a Mac. I'll move it..... new for me - trying to connect to people I know who don't blog or sit to read at all :-)>

Sherri said...

MIght be a browser update issue too.... will investigate. Thx!

Mendy said...

Almost done with Eat, Pray , Love - book group on Tuesday night, btw. Not sure if i'll see the movie. I'm sort of struggling with the book as it is.

Sue said...

You did it! Thanks for fixing the Twitter feed.
I really enjoyed the beginning of EPL, but couldn't finish it. It's sitting under my desk gathering dust. I started it twice (no kidding ?!?!) but that's only because other people raved about it. Won't see the movie, though...

Sherri said...

Kinda feel same way about the movie - not as interested as others seem to be ... Also - started book but did not finish - had to restart..... again, did not finish. I could cheat by going to book club and see what everyone else says...;-).

Kim said...

What's a humidity-free morning? Haven't seen one of those in a LONG time! ;) Oh, phew...I am so glad it wasn't just my lack of technological skills when it came to the twitter feed blocking your posts. Thanks for moving it. Have not read the book or seen the movie. Not sure I plan to. Would rather spend the time on getting back into the blog world!

Sherri said...

Yes - anxious to read your blog again, Kim :-).