14 August 2010

I am a drag today... no fun at all.

Not much at all to say today. Still stressed. Trying to beef up my professional profile on Linked In (not doing great - most former collegues / current acquaintances ignoring me - look like an idiot next to hubby, other friends) - and simultaneously trying to figure out how family vacations and holidays will work or not work, rather, once I'm back at work. Bought school shoes for Olivia yesterday - need to buy her final Honors English book (she is almost done with Catcher in the Rye - seems to like it :-) - need to get uniform skirts hemmed. Hubby wants to take boys fishing today, but I'm sick of the heat and humidity. Lil happy with her new princess pull-ups that we bought yesterday - she LOVES them (you would think it was Christmas :-). I'm up again (have been since 3 or 4 in the morning) thinking about more extended family stuff, paying tuition, not taking a vacation, being behind in all my photo and video organizing, the fact that I have fillings that need to be replaced and the thought of a trip to the dentist upsets me (and I actually used to like going to the dentist - yeah, I did - really) - more silly stuff - only this time, my stomach is killing me (I was hospitalized years ago - back when I was a single mom and Olivia in preschool - with severe reflux / ulcer) - it acts up when I'm stressed. Olivia wants to go shopping today, but a combination of bad body image, frugality and no time to even think about where I would go or what I would buy (i.e. I am so out of the fashion loop) has me reluctant, so.... I'll probably drive her around and passively participate :-). Hubby worked long, cranky hours this week, and I have hours of laundry, organization and cleaning both behind me and yet to do. Just down.

Need to be reminded to think of others today. Here is a sad story that reminds us to think of others first or to at least remember that we should be kind and giving. Here is another on the terrible conditions in China right now - many people there need thoughts, prayers and REAL assistance to get their lives back together. Not trying to bring you down too, but... rather - just trying to get all of us to think of others today.

And ...fellow local bloggers and other media types... PodCamp Pittsburgh (5th year?) will be held this year on Sept 18 & 19, 9 am - 4 pm each day at the Art Institute downtown. As always, it is free - badges for your respective sites on theirs..... Google it. Like I said, I am no fun at all today.

Thank you, all, for the sharing and / or encouragement regarding all of our respective summer challenges with kids, career aspirations, etc. Really - don't know what I would have done without your comments, etc. this week.

Here's one way I'm cheering myself up - Halloween costume shopping! I know - I know - too early, but... I love Halloween, and since my boys are Mario crazed on the Wii... check this out.

Actually not sure when I'll be back - have two invitations tomorrow, which is weird - one brunch - another a later day picnic / b-day celebration / music in the park situation..... Might lift my spirits - and... in that case, I will see you Monday :-).

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