22 August 2010

Block Party

Reminisced about Olivia, a few short years ago, riding scooters with friends - decorating bikes - getting excited about the dog parade - eating chicken wings, meatballs and brownies off of folding tables while the adults chatted, had drinks, played guitar (one year, Olivia and hubby were featured in the paper for urban block parties :-). This year, watched the boys ride tricycles and big wheels down the street, lead friends to the club house, eat rice krispie treats and play tag in the street. Lilliana ate her weight in watermelon, played hopscotch with the big girls and giggled at all the dogs in costumes. This year, too - no bike parade - no trinket gifts for the kids - Olivia and hubby off doing their own thing while I hung with the little ones, but... I met some new people, took some cute photos, ate some finger food, drank soda and beer and enjoyed my own unique "walk down the middle of the street / feel the light rain on my face / sit on folding chairs and watch the kids race" kinda night.... ;-).

Watch Aarti Paarti on Food Network today - noonish (so get movin'!).... Cute party girl who cooks up Indian comfort food - winner of this season's Next Food Network Star....

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