26 August 2010

Um .... yeah - this is how my day REALLY went....

Got up 6 am - made lunch (out of carrots - out of white bread - uh ohs for Olivia), took requisite first day of school photos (love those) - drove to bus stop (yes, drove) - waved good-bye - truly wishing I had a photo of Olivia and Olivia B together on that fated first day of high school.

Back to house - hubby off to work - got my self ready - others kids up and dressed. Notice that 3 of 4 fish are now dead - two tomato plants as well, and.... early morning makes the place look really dusty.

Gather sippy cups of milk, extra pull-ups, etc. for day of errands. Ask what they all want for breakfast - then... notice that the cookies I baked for Olivia's lunch are all gone. Guess they handled breakfast on their own.

Get in car .... have to change Lil's poopy pants - during ride to Children's (where Milo will get his blood test - so .... you can bet I'm nervous about that endeavor), Enzo and Milo get out of seats - think it is funny - careen about in the way back until I stop and relock them in - firmly.

Get to Children's - kids happy - beeline for fish tanks and train area, apparently not worried about pending blood test. I check us in - then... notice that Milo has a new bag of M & Ms. Hmmm........ I am so shocked that he has them (still don't know where he got them), I don't even notice when he dumps them out all over the table in the waiting area. I DO notice when he tries to steal another child's oxygen tank. Luckily, she thinks it's funny and gives him an eye roll like only an older child can - then gives me the sympathy smile ;-). Enzo is having tantrum next to me because we are not waiting near the "frog computers" (and a middle schooler has taken over the one in our area).

Blood test goes well. Milo sniffs a little (some big warm tears hit my arm, but... all OK) -but holds still and allows it - poor kid, must be so used to them by now. Enzo interested but says watching makes him feel "itchy" (better than "faint-y", I suppose). All kids are treated to lollipops and Beanie Baby animals. So enamored of these gifts, Lilliana forgets her beloved Minnie and Mickey Mouse "little people" somewhere, so.... after one trip down the elevator and back up again.... Enzo finds them in the waiting area, untouched (thankfully, she has played with them for days and held them close all morning). Fab people at Children's :-).

Kids beg me to stay and have popcorn, pizza and Cokes in the cafeteria (that's right - they like to eat there - AND I did promise Milo Coke if he was good for the test). We go. I buy pizza (and taste it - pretty good), but now.... no one is hungry - they only want Coke. Inappropriate lunch talk about pee and poop gets a dirty look from one passerby - though another tells me I have a beautiful family. I try to text Marcello that all is well. No service. Must be hospital. Try again once I have wrangled running kids through the parking garage. Nothing. Brilliant, disorganized me has forgotten to pay the bill. I pay. Call to get fees removed. Apologize (a lot on my mind - don't have the heart to tell them that next month the same will be true ;-). Text. All OK.

We go to bakery to pick up birthday cupcakes for our Olivia B - basically, our fifth child - AND some for the family who just had the baby. I also want to get diapers and some essentials for the baby house (would be what I would want if in that position again :-). Get the diapers and a card. Kids want toys in the CVS. I say NO!!! I get three full on tantrums. I scold - I pay - we check to make sure that we have little mouse toys - and we leave.....

Head to bakery. Know the owner so chat a bit. Cupcakes beautiful. Milo and Lil want one of their own - so pick out one red velvet that I am looking to share - and another with lovely pink icing. Milo hangs from counter, presses face on glass, does a somersault - then.... asks to carry the little box. Enzo is acting like he's sleeping in a corner chair - Lil is on the floor doing like a snow angel or something. While I hold big boxes and navigate traffic with wee ones, Milo, apparently, tosses the little box, flips it, squeezes it. We get to van - anxiously open it for our treats and they are a smashed, crumbled nasty mess. Lil cries. Wants her cupcake. Wants her mouse toys. They are gone, and I am NOT going back to look. Milo tells me his Coke cup has inexplicably gotten a hole in it, spewing water, Coke and ice all over the back seat. Great.

Head to store. Milo wants new flashlight (I bought all three flashlights for their bedside tables the other day when I got Olivia's calculator - Milo broke his within 5 min). We stop to get new flashlight - are reprimanded for using wrong check-out lane - head to grocery.

Once there, they all want to ride in cart. Milo is fascinated with his flashlight - as a result, he slams face-first into the cart, leaving a big purple mark above his eye. They all run like crazy kids - I get many dirty looks - one mean comment. On the way out, all three kids stop by the gumball machine. I am securing wallet, coupons, etc. so look up to find them actually feeding machine quarters from Lil's pocket (so that's where that leftover lemonade stand money went).

Still food and coffee-free, I am feeling the beginnings of a headache - kids don't want to get out of car - no parking near Starbucks, so... I do the McD's drive thru - only to get the nastiness, most watery, foamy, gross, iced latte I have ever had (and I tasted one from there once that wasn't bad, so... off day?). Sipping it actually makes me queasy - can't return it - we are on our way home - kids start asking for drive-thru chicken at a fever pitch that prompts another grumpy "NO!!!" from me. Notice on clock that we need to hurry, hurry OR will actually miss Olivia getting home (have we been gone FIVE hours already?!?!).

Home to the pile of laundry I left late last night after long field hockey scrimmage and slapped together dinner - still on the stairs - next to the back to school clothes, etc. that need to be.... um.... taken out of their bags ..... and one floor up from the chaos that is the kitchen.

Time to unload groceries... clean the van AGAIN (which includes finding the shoes that Enzo and Milo say accidentally got put in the trunk) .... figure out field hockey carpool..... help Lil diaper Bitty Baby ... fight the Wii and / or wipe "clubhouse dirt" off kitchen floor (and as I banged this out on the computer, Olivia did come home - I DID get that photo of the two Olivias together, and... they headed up the street - cupcakes, gifts and all - brief description of day sounded good :-)....ALL good ;-).

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