26 August 2010

First day of high school!

6 am came early today. It actually does feel like summer should be over - to me, anyway. We swam, we stayed up late, we barbequed on the deck. It seems ages ago that we were doing swim team and the long days at the pool with packed lunches and gear to last us hours.

Today's transition, thus far, seems easy. Olivia had her first Oakland Catholic field hockey game last night (a scrimmage against Winchester Thurston), and she did fantastic. Also, it has been fun and interesting meeting new parents - seeing familiar faces that we haven't seen since the daycare / preschool days - learning the ropes somewhere new. It brings back all the old excitement - the old days of firsts - first preschool - first day of kindergarten, etc. We were in a comfortable pattern for a while, and now, we are revisiting our "adventure years" - back when Olivia was the first and only and... everything was new and exciting. Well.... here we go again. I quite like it.

So... easy transition year for me :-). Lil still home BUT now old enough for dance class and other fun activities - Milo still in preschool but going three days a week instead of just two - Enzo doing kindergarten again. Easy. Happy. No tears here.

So.... off I go - to pack a lunch - make breakfast. Today will be a good day. I wish Olivia friends and fun and new opportunities. Of course, I will report back later ;-).


Facie said...

Glad it went well. It IS an adventure.

Jordan was nervous, but saw a friend right away when we walked into the school. Let's hope it is a good year for everyone.

TKW said...

Holy cow, she is lovely. I have a feeling she will do just brilliantly!