25 August 2010

Boots, boots and more boots....


I mean... show me a link that says "utilitarian boots for all", and I am THERE (please note harsh motorcycle boots in pristine family photo - shown here). Big, buckle-y, thick, lace up, dramatic BOOTS!!! Gotta love 'em....

Now.... for today's pat on the back (and you know me - I am not at all close to being sweet and sunshine-y.... so there will be a public self-flogging as well) .....

Five reasons I am awesome (and this encompasses some of you as well):

1. With all the muddy clothes changes the boys go through (the clubhouse is great but sits in an area that is pure loose dirt and mulch) - paint, peanut butter and Plah-doh on toddler shirts emergencies - athletic shin guards, field hockey shirts and shorts that get sweaty daily - all of hubby's work shirts and pants - my own workout clothes, work in the dirt clothes and splatter myself with dinner in the works clothes - all the accidents in underwear, spilled milk on sheets, dumped buttered popcorn on blankets, etc., I do at least two loads of laundry a day - and I do it efficiently - and that means folding, putting away, pressing if necessary.

2. I make dinner almost every night (and on those nights that I don't, I do provide pizza, sandwiches, soup or another option for hungry family members - six total). I make nutritious, filling, wholesome food - veggies, lean protein, yummy sides - even dessert. I do all the hand-washing (pots, etc. - while hubby works - Olivia does her honors reading or attends sports practice - if they're not here, you can't ask for or force help), and I load and unload the dishwasher (with the summer breakfast, lunch and snack dishes, this can often be twice a day).

3. I occupy my kids 80% of the time with outside play, the pool (and guilt here because I have been promising poor Milo a pool outing, but... grew tired of it / freaked out by it weeks ago when he started with the diving board - a middle schooler who ignores me - a preschooler going off the board - a kindergartner attempting to swim in the middle of the pool and a feisty two year old in the baby pool leaves me spread way too thin by myself - now that I feel that I should attempt it - the cloudy, rainy weather is not cooperating), art projects, movies, baking projects, dollhouse play, the water table, riding toys, etc. The rest of the time, I have to allow Wii (at which time, they jump in one place so much in the TV room, they are wearing out the carpet - unbelievably so) or endless lone Barbie play on the deck (feeling bad about endless "Mommy - will you play with me?" requests) while I TRY to get stuff done.

4. I get all school forms and fees in on time - I get all uniforms together - all carpools settled - and more - DESPITE constant complaints from a snarky middle schooler - make that high schooler - that I am behind (What about my Spanish class? Did you buy my book? So and so says that we need to do blah blah blah, and YOU didn't - I did not get her shin guards clean - one of the glasses from the dishwasher is still dirty - she doesn't like what I've cooked for dinner again - NOT good for the old self-esteem :-).

5. I manage to pull myself together somewhat. And... at one time, I did not. I went out in the sweat pants I slept in - I never got my hair cut - I didn't even have time to buy over the counter acne medication for my horrific post-pregnancy breakouts. I was fat - I had dark circles under my eyes, and... as a result, I was afraid to attempt new friendships or engage in activities I once liked. All that is a'changin' ;-)!

And... the flogging? Well.... let's just say that today - amid errands to pick up photos for Olivia - amid constant calls from home and requests for a Chick Fil-A lunch - amid well-intentioned shopping trips for cards to send to our snarky sibs and kids for back to school - WITHOUT coffee or food in my system - coming off a sleepless night because my preschooler and my toddler were up and down into the wee hours - attempting to call in an order for cupcakes to give to a friend for a b-day and another for a new baby, I lost my bank card - frantically called to cancel it - then.... found it on the floor of the van (after learning that PNC Bank now charges $7.50 for each new card - screw them).

Yesterday, I bought the boys new Crocs - only to find that one pair was two different sizes - so, since they were already excited about them and wanted to wear them, I had to run out for the exchange... only Lil wouldn't leave my side, so.... I took her - while there, Olivia's straightening iron died so I was summoned to get a new one (forgetting, in the chaos, my own blow dryer, which died a while ago - so much for styling my new haircut) - AND... I still had to grab items for dinner - still had to run to the post office - still had to wash the inside of the van.....

NO WONDER I keep forgetting things. The flogging part? I need to either slow down OR get it together!!! I am, once again, fried. Kudos to those of you who are able to multitask and / or delegate and / or gain support from others and / or blow it all off :-). Also - I need to stop swearing under my breath - stop yelling - wait - make that screaming - I need to stick to my plans to force the kids to play outside - to make them sit at lunch and respect one another's space instead of retreating to my own room to count to 10 again and again before I either start to cry or threaten heinous punishments. In my defense, I write this on the heels of being hit with a Wii remote when I did turn it off (my wrist still stings and that child is still in timeout) - one kid has been crying ALL morning for no reason - every little thing sets him off and the tattling and loss of temper is REALLY starting to get to me - my high schooler (as of tomorrow) is no help, feeling the need to prepare her books and finish her honors reading - hubby has just informed me that he will be traveling next week for a couple of days - I have yet to take Milo for his follow up blood test - I have missed working out for days now - I may have to take all little ones to preschool open house this week - I still need to buy school shoes and gym shoes for kindergarten - my coffeemaker is still broken - we have some sort of woodland creature living in our basement...... Oi.

Bright side? Walked to a lemonade stand yesterday - kids used own change - got along - played with neighbors - I talked to people I hadn't seen in a while. Went to Paris 66 the other day for lunch with hubby - yummy (service somewhat better). Took the brood to Mineo's the other night after parent meeting for field hockey - marginally successful - also yummy.

I have no words - only .... find your own zen today :-). I need sleep..... Oh - and Top Chef :-).

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