03 August 2010

COMPLETELY Random (from recipes to retail)...

Boots under $100 at Piperlime! I'm in!

Watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona last night and really liked it. If you've ever spent any time in Europe or in complicated relationships, you will relate. I am touch and go with Woody Allen films, but... this one - even with voiceover narrative - was really good (I mean, they're all good - some just speak to me more than others). Was it really 2008 when it came out?!?! I am soooo out of touch regarding movies. Anyway - made me feel better about my house full of half-finished canvases a la artist hubby - my coffee corner, constantly cluttered with spoons, french presses, sugar (all me :-) - my wardrobe and how some people are always referring to me as "bohemian" - my hot temper ;-). Worth a watch - definitely.

Checked camp photos for Olivia today. While we saw her friends playing basketball and doing yoga, we did not see her. Oh well - next round of photos.

Yesterday was a hugely productive day for me - I moved furniture, organized school paperwork, cleaned A LOT, and... somehow made it to Whole Foods where Enzo decided that he wanted to make fish for dinner - told the guy what we needed and everything. And we did end up with some yummy fish tacos for a late dinner (hubby busy at work - made me miss my workout, so... today, I need to be ON IT!): Marinated the fish (tilapia - very mild in case the boys wanted to eat some) briefly in a lime, chipotle pepper, salt and olive oil mixture - pan seared it - rolled it up in hand-rolled, organic flour tortillas with lime, hot sauce, lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato and sour cream. So good.

Quick quest for input here.... I have begun to restrict my boys' media time. A good thing some days because it gives us a little more structure and discipline to our "lazy time". I have begun to notice, however, that they are obsessed with the Wii each morning when they get up, preventing me from watching the Today Show or from even reading and having any sort of quiet morning time in my space - the first floor - where I need to be productive. Selfish? I think not. I mean, it also causes fights and mean back talk. By contrast, though, Lilliana has become obsessed with some old-fashioned wooden pull toys I found while digging out yesterday. Interesting. So... my question: Do you restrict TV and / or media time? If so, how stringent are you? And... how do the kids react? You can email me if you like ;-).

Finally.... St. Beders (and I know some of you are still reading me this summer), our paperwork has arrived. Get it in ASAP! If you are lamenting the loss of summer, keep this in mind... we still have a couple of weeks left and schools like Woodland Hills Academy started today!

In closing, I'd like to share a bit of fluff.... that Lady Gaga made Vanity Fair's best-dressed list for being "original", which....is such a joke... given that she steals everything she says, does AND dresses in from Grace Jones and Madonna - who were doing her "schtick" years ago!

Quick note: The National is playing Pittsburgh on 25 Sept - get your tickets everyone - they are selling out!

Last quick note: Are you a Mad Men fan? If so, the 2010 casting call for a walk-on part is on.... get your photo in.... hopefully, the deadline hasn't passed. If so, you can still vote on those who DID get photos in.... until early Sept, I believe. Good luck :-).

And... I'm out. Happy, happy, everyone.


Facie said...

I admire parents who limit TV time. I especially appreciate those who say no TV during the week. Unfortunately that is not I.

When it is nice outside, Jordan tends to watch about an hour or so during the day, but she always ends the evening with a TV show with her dad. We do, unfortunately, have days where J watches hours of TV, particularly one weekend day. I use that time to be on the computer, clean, etc.

I think it is more about balance. If my kid spent a few hours running around the park, did 15 or 20 minutes of summer school work, and then some time playing by herself, then I don't mind so much if she spends an hour before and/or after dinner watching TV. If my kid were less active and if she did not do some school-related stuff most days, I would feel pretty guilty about those hours of TV days.

Sherri said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do allow the tv, etc. My kids are pretty active. I do get more restrictive when I notice an obsession with the Wii, which occurs now and then.

Sue said...

Every once in a while I hide the obnoxious Wii game.
Sometimes I have to "loose" the remote to the idiotic TV. I think that's the device I dislike the most. But their TV viewing is surprisingly pretty good, mostly science or history stuff.
They both love their Nintendos and one is now avidly texting....ugh!
I don't strive to set limits, and I don't feel too guilty. This will sound weird but I think they know when to push back from the media stuff naturally.

Sherri said...

I do know what you mean - another friend of mine "Facebooked" me with info. to that effect - that her kids will opt for something else or set their own limits.

My problem is now that our first floor has become grand central station. We are in a sem--urban neighborhood so I have to watch them a bit near the street, and our backyard is small - plus my Milo is so spazzy that they are in and out all day long following his crazy lead - turning on the tv in MY quiet space - muddying up the kitchen floor AGAIN - demanding snacks every ten minutes.... just no boundaries.... So - NOW - when I want to make dinner, I can't - I'm breaking up fight after fight and repeatedly saying "no" to the Wii. I also can't have iced tea - even though I desperately want a glass because they will want some and will pout and tantrum if they don't get it. Bad time of day. I think I blame media for my kids' lack of boundaries because.... I would have no prob if they would just glue themselves to the tv for an hour or so in their own room... truthfully.