08 August 2010

Some ideas ....

We may go to the park today - next to the Pitt Center for the Arts - for music, brunch, family time. Check it out here. It looks like fun.

Saw Inception (with Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page and others) last night with friends. While there might be a couple of holes in the plot (as a writer, I often find them and try to rationalize them), it was exciting and interesting and really fun. A good movie - will definitely inspire some dream discussions and even prompt some more vivid dreams, I think :-). I would recommend it.

And ... looking forward - the Sprout Fund's annual Hothouse event has just released the invitation / venue for this year. We had really wanted to go last year - and didn't - so maybe this year. I heard it was a lot of fun!

Here's an interesting article on how personality appears to be set by first grade or so. which.... solidifies my theory that you can't change people AND that people NEVER change - once you see something in their character once, that means it is imbedded. Another case for how you have to respect people and their individuality as well.

Also - Next Food Network Star on Food Network tonight. I watch that and Hell's Kitchen, though... as you know, Top Chef is my first love ;-).

And... while we're on the subject of food, here is a really tasty summer sandwich idea: Whole wheat bread, lite mayo, salt (for me, optional), pepper, cherry tomatoes cut in half, English cucumer sliced thinly, white onion sliced thinly - layer it up and yum!

Finally, here are some nature-inspired crafts to do for kids.

Happy Sunday, all.

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